Agile Scrum International Summit

Attend Agile-Scrum International Summit: Bangalore 2012 and save!

Attend this 3-day event (7-9 December) at Hotel Royal Orchid in Bangalore, where you’ll share and gain experiences, and learn from renowned speakers from around the world! Use discount code SIQ301529SI.

The Agile-Scrum International Summit in India will gather together all Scrum practitioners (CSC, CST, CSM, and CSPO) under one roof. You’ll have the opportunity to meet leading Agile thought leaders and grow your knowledge about Agile methods and practices. This community and event will help you discuss and overcome your most common problems.

Four members of the SolutionsIQ team will be presenting at the conference! We hope you can attend their sessions:

Saturday 8 December

Keynote, 9:00am
Wanager 3.0 – Building Leaders for tomorrow (Vibhu Srinivasan and Joe Justice)

In this fun, interactive 1-hour session, Vibhu and Joe will look at the qualities of senior management — from CEO to manager — to see what kind of changes they would need to make in order to lead an Agile organization. Joe will also discuss how he leads an organization that is building cars that can run 100 miles per gallon of petrol. This session is tailored to the managers who lead organizations in India, and will involve heavy audience participation. Are you a wanager or manager? Come participate and decide.

Scrum Horoscope (Naveen Nanjundappa)

Who is not interested in getting their horoscope read, especially if there are problems to be solved? Everyone rushes to the astrologer with the copy of their horoscope. Scrum teams and managers are no exceptions — every team needs a horoscope reading to give them indicators that will forecast their future and make them aware of upcoming disasters. These indicators and signals are generated by the team during the development phase. This presentation is not just focused on reading the Scrum team horoscope, but also on remedial measures and Scrum best practices.

Raju Bangaya: The Tale of a ScrumMaster’s Journey (Jayaprakash Puttaswamy)

This talk unveils several pitfalls (especially from Indian context) that a ScrumMaster encounters during the journey and it provides recommendations for better approaches to being an effective ScrumMaster.


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