PM Conclave 2012

PM Conclave 2012: Delivering Business Results Through Agility (Mumbai, 1-2 December)

This 2-day multi-track conference at the Hyatt Regency Mumbai will be attended by 400+ project management professionals from India and around the world. Their industries include IT, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Automobile, Telecom, Retail, Government, NGOs, and PSUs. It will provide an excellent opportunity for all participants to network and interact with the best and the most influential people in the Agile industry.

Joe Justice, SolutionsIQ consultant and CEO of WIKISPEED, will present a case study at the conference:

2 December 11:45am

Team WIKISPEED entered a $10 Million competition to produce road-legal 100+ mpg cars. They built the impossible in 3 months. Joe will talk about the Agile practices applied to enormously speed up physical manufacturing. He will take a deep dive on exactly how Agile from software projects is applied to physical engineering and manufacture. Joe will use the example and of the design and development of their revolutionary 100 mpg, gasoline powered, four-seat car with a target price of $17,995. The talk will provide tools and takeaways for engineers and executives in manufacturing and software who are looking to improve their processes.


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